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We design right sized learning and leadership development experiences to meet the needs of your organizations and teams.  Our learning and development experiences range from 90 minute topics and discussions, to 4 hour high impact workshops, or full day team experiences.  All of our workshops and experiences are interactive and can be designed for person and virtual delivery.

A group of people in a leadership workshop and one woman with her hand in the air ready to ask a question.

Organizations & Groups

Workshops create high impact micro-learning opportunities for your organization, employee resource groups and conference breakout sessions.  We design and deliver highly engaged experiences that offer participants a structure and key takeaways for practice and integration beyond the workshop.


Workshop experiences include:  

  • Leading through YOUR Values

  • Courageous Conversations

  • The Power of Boundaries

  • Experiencing Change

  • Leading Change

  • Stress Resilience

  • Dare to Lead™  Workshops (2, 4 + 6 hour experiences)


Learn more about our workshop experiences and pricing, or to custom design a workshop for your specific needs. 

A group of people with their hands in a circle working on team leadership.


Intact team workshops go beyond the topic.  We take teams through the learning while exploring and uncovering the opportunity and commitments for integrating new practices on their team and across their respective organizations. 


No two teams are alike, neither are our workshops.  Set up a Discovery so we can explore your needs and design your workshop! 

People around a conference room table while a man speaks.


We work with leaders and their teams to design and facilitate offsites, retreats, strategy & planning sessions to meet your business and team needs. 


We know how important time is, especially when pulling your team together for a full day, or multiple days. 

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