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Unleashing Leadership

Two women with atop a mountain during sunrise with their hands in the air unleashing leadership.

A transformational coaching program for women leaders who want to lead at their highest potential.



( verb or adverb)

  1. The process of transforming from the inside out by shedding old paradigms and consciously choosing to lead and live powerfully and vibrantly

  2.  Living in the present and intentionally creating a career and life that is aligned with who you are

  3.  A continual practice and evolution

It’s time for you to be unleashed if…

  • You want to create more meaning, connection and passion in your leadership

  • The volume, pace and complexity of work are holding you back from scaling up yourself and your team

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and unable to create clarity and focus

  • You want to confidently own who you are, how you lead, and the impact you create

  • You are stuck in a reactive pattern to everyone else’s priorities, instead of getting the important work done

  • You are struggling with conflict and difficult conversations

  • You feel disconnected in key relationships or with your team

  • You feel alone and lost in your leadership, questioning if it’s just you

  • You find it hard to slow down enough to figure out what you truly want and who you want to become

  • You give and give to others, never leaving space to take care of yourself


This is the moment to make the shift you’ve wanted: 

To turn within and connect to what it means to lead according to your truth. 

To cultivate the clarity you’ve been missing. 

To pick up the pen and write your new leadership vision. 

The Unleashing Experience


Transformation doesn’t happen in a single step process, neither does the journey of unleashing. This is why we’ve created “Unleashing Leadership”.  This 7-month immersive journey connects self-discovery, learning, practice and integration.



This journey is made up of 3 core components:

Group Learning & Coaching:

Magic happens when groups of people come together to explore, learn and transform. A group environment allows you to be witnessed in your journey, to have others hold you up, call you out, and call you forward to achieve your goals.   The act of witnessing and learning from other people’s journeys will deepen your personal process.

Individual Coaching

Dedicated 1:1 coaching offers you the chance to explore your leadership vision and strengths more deeply and to navigate what is holding you back from achieving the success you desire.

Small Groups

Pods are masterminds to dissect, practice and integrate the work of Unleashing.  They are also a great opportunity to be in community with other leaders.

At The End Of This Journey You Will:

  • Find and leverage your voice to confidently speak up, speak out and bring others along

  • Gain the ability to filter out the noise and create more clarity, focus and energy to execute on priorities

  • Discover your unique leadership style, strengths and patterns to lead in your full power

  • Identify your top 2 values and how to operationalize them into your leadership and life

  • Integrate and practice mindfulness and how to be fully present with yourself and others

  • Learn how to listen and trust your intuition

  • Define the boundaries necessary to unleash your creative, generative and most impactful leadership

  • Expand your skill set to build trust and empower others

  • Understand and navigate interpersonal and team conflict with confidence

  • Identify your true desires and establish your leadership vision

The Unleashing Cohort:


The cohort will be made up of 12-15 women (she/her identifying) leaders who lead other leaders or managers within their organization.

A group of women with their hands in a pile.


  • 7-month program

  • More than 30 total hours immersive learning and coaching:

    • 13 group coaching sessions

    • 7 individual coaching sessions

    • 5 small group sessions

  • Your Unleashing Leadership DNA profile

    • RHETI Enneagram Assessment​

    • Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 

  • Tried and tested methods, tools and resources to deepen your journey

  • A dedicated cohort channel to support and share with each other between sessions


Ready to take the next step? Awesome! Set up a time to connect with Michelle.

Your Unleashing Co-Leaders:

Dana and Michelle (We) are executive coaches who share a passion for self-exploration, personal growth and adventure.  Our paths crossed while on our own unleashing leadership journeys.  We discovered many meaningful connection points:  the trajectory of our careers, the states we’ve called home, and our absolute joy in uplifting powerful badass women!  Our conversations were playful and generative, and we started to look for ways to bring our unique gifts together.  This is how “Unleashing Leadership” was born.zare executive coaches who share a passion for self-exploration, personal growth and adventure. Our paths crossed while in the midst of our own unleashing leadership journeys, where we discovered many meaningful connection points: from the trajectory of our careers; to the states, we’ve called home; and to our absolute joy in uplifting powerful, badass women.  Our conversations were playful and generative, and we started to look for ways to bring our unique gifts together, which is how Unleashing Leadership- Unleashing You, was born.


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