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Summit Leadership Coaching programs are focused on the growth and transformation of leaders and teams in order to impact and improve leadership effectiveness and leadership outcomes for organizations. 

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching engagements are a 1:1 coaching relationship designed to support self-discovery, growth and transformation.   The coaching journey is a unique experience based on each leader’s unique capabilities, potential and vision.  We recommend Leadership coaching engagements for experienced leaders and executives.


Typical Engagements Include:

  • Discovery Session

  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment

  • 1:1 Key Stakeholder Interviews

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions

  • Leadership Vision & Coaching Roadmap

Leadership coaching is not used for Performance Management issues.  

Team Coaching

Team coaching engagements are designed to create high performing and sustainable teams.   We leverage both the Collective Leadership Assessment™ and

The TCI Team Diagnostic™ tools and methodologies.

Team coaching engagements are typically 6-9 months and include:


  • 2 Hour Discovery Session with the Team Leader

  • Team Kick-Off & Assessments

  • Team 1:1 Interviews

  • Team Coaching Roadmap with action plan and milestones

  • Team Coaching Sessions, these can be stand alone, or integrated with existing team business meetings.


Team coaching engagements often include some amount of Team Leader and Individual Team Member coaching. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching engagements are designed for leaders at similar stages of their leadership journey. 


Group coaching engagements are typically 6 months long and include:


  • Group learning and coaching sessions on core leadership principles

  • Individual coaching to deepen the learning, practice and integration unique to each Leader’s goals.

  • Small groups to dissect the learning further ,  learn from each other’s experiences and build trusted partnerships and community for support.


Group coaching programs are highly effective for Emerging and New Managers and New Leaders.  We customize the learning modules to ensure our client organizations business and leadership development needs are met.

We are certified coaches and we are certified in industry leading leadership and team assessment tools to further enhance our coaching programs.  Assessment tools provide a research based method to quickly gain insights and awareness for our clients.  This allows us to identify and focus on the single most important thing to impact and improve leader and team effectiveness and is the foundation for our coaching programs.

Certification & Tools:

Team Coaching International Logo Assessment Tools
Leadership Circle Profile Certification Logo Assessment Tools
Collective Leadership Assessment Certification Logo

Our organization coaching engagements typically last 6 – 9 months and we price based on the total program.  We also work with Leaders and Entrepreneurs directly, outside of their organizations.


Contact us or schedule a call to learn more about our leadership, team and group coaching programs.


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